Vệ sinh bảng mạch điện tử Nabakem DC-3000

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Vệ sinh bảng mạch điện tử Nabakem DC-3000

Mô tả sản phẩm : Vệ sinh bảng mạch điện tử Nabakem DC-3000 dùng để tẩy rửa vệ sinh bảng mạch in điện tử, thiết bị điện, điện tử....
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Vệ sinh bảng mạch điện tử Nabakem DC-3000

Vệ sinh bảng mạch điện tử Nabakem DC-3000 dùng để tẩy rửa vệ sinh máy móc thiết bị, khuôn mẫu, linh kiện điện, điện tử, viễn thông...
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Hãng sản xuất: Nabakem Hàn Quốc

DC-3000 MULTI CLEANER DC-3000 (Electro Contact Cleaner)

Montreal Protocol Regulation defined CFC’s(Freon Gas) is a main component of ozone layer destructing material which is restricted to manufacture and import. DC-3000 is made as replacement detergent. It is environment friendly product.
Since it has high density, low viscosity and low surface tension, it penetrates deeply into object material and washes off contaminant. It is non-flammable detergent with excellent chemical stability and heat stability. This is safe and super precision detergent that can be used in whole industries.
• Cleanliness : Excellent cleaning power harmonized with evaporation can remove oil, grease, dust or flux on the surface of object easily.
• Stability : Having special features of electro-induction, incombustibility, non-explosiveness and low-toxic, it is used safely while operating.
• Penetrability : It penetrates into the deepest core of contaminants on electronic/electrical devices or precision machinery with complicated and sophisticated structures and provides an excellent cleaning performance.

• Cleaning of electric and electronic products : Contacts (relay, selector, switch, wiper), heads (video, audio, computer), indicator (dial, digital), Telecom equipment, exchange unit (mechanic, electronic, PBX), magnetic head, CARD, semi-connector, electronic tube, VTR, CRT, PCB, relays and switches, test equipment etc.
• Cleaner for precision and optical equipment : Watch, camera, measuring instrument, photocopier, computer, lens, aircraft instrument etc.
Excellent effects as thermal shock tester indicating correct position of intermittent failure by electric heat of aviation, electronic and engineering equipment. 
• Cleansing by Spraying : Spray about 20-30 cm away from the object.
• Dipping Method : Grease or oil stain can be dissolved and cleaned when the object dips into the multi-cleaner, DC-3000.
• Brushing Method : When you clean severely polluted materials within a short time, you have to dip it in the fluid of multi-cleaner and brush it for effective cleaning. You have to choose a brush for cleaning of the nonferrous metals or plastic products carefully.
• Spray Method : Excellent cleansing effect against non-soluble contaminants such as dust by using solubility and spray pressure of Multi-Cleaner DC-3000.
• Ultra-Sonic Method : Excellent cleaning effect using vibration of fluid of ultra-sonic cleaner.
• Vapor Degreasing Method : Perfect cleaning effect using the vapor degreasing method without any vibration or shock on the object.

• Test is required before applying.
• It may cause damage of special kinds of resin such as Acryl, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, ABS, and etc. In particular, you have to be careful when it is used for Fluorine solvents products.
• This should be used only for its intended purpose.
• Ventilation is necessary when using the cleaner.
• Do not inhale it for a long period of time.
• Avoid long contact with skin.
※ Test prior to applying for Fluorine resin and Fluorine rubber products, because the Fluorine solvents is used.

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